Police Fraternity felicitation and “SnehMilan Samaroh”

Police Fraternity felicitation and “Sneh Milan Samaroh”………. Dated June 10,2012 ,7.00pm

Respect and love is given to the cadet at the border whereas contempt  is faced by a policeman who is protecting the common people from criminals….The martyrs of the nation are saluted whereas a martyr  police officer is nowhere recognized… This made me realized and….

1) Felicitation of South Gujarat Police martyrs and assistance of Rs.1 Lakh provided to their families….

2) Felicitation of Rashtrapati Award winner Police officials including on duty and Retirees with assistance worth Rs.20,000…

3) Memento has given to Retirees after 36 to 38 years of Constabulary duty….

The programme was beautifully coordinated by” Modi Samarthak Mahila Samaj Mandal” where dignitaries like Hon’ble Home Minister Shri Prafful Patel, VNSGU Vice Chancellor Respected Shri Daksheh Thakkar,Police Commissioner Surat, Senior Police officials and the entire Police Fraternity with their families were present. The overwhelming response was observed where families strongly felt blessed and exhilarated.

Hon’ble Home Minister  Shri  Prafful  Patel motivated the Police Fraternity for their upgradation .Surat Police Commissioner appreciated his police brigade and also mentioned about the uniqueness of the event .Shri Dakshesh Thakkar boosted the morale of Police Officials in his distinctive style.

I strongly feel that the distance between the People and Police decreases , there is a congenial atmosphere  and they do their duty  efficiently and accurately. The families of Police martyrs were quite emotional and overwhelmed, also Gallantry and Rashtrapati Award winner on duty and Retirees were exhilarated by their recognition .Retired DSP Late Shri Kavat Daruwala’s daughter came from Bombay to attend the function.Such other dignitaries also attended the function.To hold such a special programme across the country for Police Personnel ,many named and unnamed Police Personnel took personal interest and invested their blood for its success.

The  “samaroh “ was organized with a view to  develop loyalty amongst police personnel for people, to establish cordial atmosphere, to make people aware about their  contributions and to bring a change in their behavior for people.

Heartiest congratulations to the entire Police Fraternity……..

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